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Custom Characteristic Products
High purity diamond powder JX-HP
Product characteristics: High-purity diamond powder is obtained by secondary processing on the basis of the finished product. After treatment, the surface of the particle has a high degree of cleanliness. The content of individual element impurities can be controlled within 15 PPM, and the total impurity content is 50 Within PPM.
Suggested use: High-purity micro-powder is suitable for JGM/JBM/JBM-H series micro-powder. According to different models, it is recommended for electroplating and ceramic bond tools. It is mainly used in the electronics industry, including high-end grinding, precision grinding, polishing, and dicing. etc.
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Superfine high dispersibility micropowder JX-CP
Product characteristics: Customized products are customized for customers in terms of powder shape, particle concentration, large particle control, and surface cleanliness.
Suggested use: Customized products are suitable for all series of products of our company.
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